• 32 way damping adjustment.
    All ISC coilovers feature 32 level damper adjustment from hard to soft which enables you to tailor the ride precisely to your preferences.

  • Forged upper mounts.
    ISC Coilovers feature T6061 forged upper mounts across the range. The purpose of this is to reduce the suspensions load bearing weight and improve the handling characteristics of the vehicle.

  • SAE9524 Springs.
    ISC combines advanced manufacturing processes and high quality materials to ensure that the springs perform consistently. Springs are compression tested over 600 000 times and have shown less than 5% deformation. Quality surface coatings ensure that the springs will not rust or oxidise over time.

  • MONO-TUBE Shock design.
    Large cylinder and piston design ensures superb handling characteristics and greater stability on the road. All products are electroplated with nickel to prevent rusting.

  • Ride height adjustment.
    All ISC coilovers offer upto 3.0"(7cm) of height adjustment. This enables you to maintain a stock ride height or lower the vehicle depending on your requirements.

  • Pillowball upper mounts(Optional).
    On vehicles using Macpherson struts in the suspension geometry , adding a pillowball upper mount with Camber adjustment results in improved tire grip and allows for fine tuning of the suspension setup to improve handling characteristics